Acupuncture For Migraines

Melanie Lodenquai – I used to suffer chronic headaches and migraines. With regular acupuncture treatments I saw a huge reduction in my headaches. On the occasions that I did get a headache I was able to use acupuncture treatment to shorten the duration of them.

Pregnant Again after Miscarriage

Elvira Berezowsky – I began seeing Kimberly the first time I was pregnant. I was having complications in my first trimester and I eventually miscarried. Kimberly helped me through the miscarriage and I continued to see her to increase my chances of a second pregnancy. 6-months later, with ongoing acupuncture, I became pregnant again. Through acupuncture, Kimberly helped me through the

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Finally Pregnant After 2 Years of Invasive Treatment…Acupuncture Works

Leah Breckinridge – After 2 full years of invasive ‘traditional’ treatments, I sought out some alternative therapy to try to get pregnant. I had been diagnosed with PCOS and had spent a ridiculous amount of money on injectiblemedications that did help us conceive, but ultimately ended in miscarriage. I was heartbroken, and needed to try something better. I found Kimberly, had a conversation with

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Acupuncture For Sinus, Sciatic & Neck Pain

Ivy Dirks: I have known Kimberly for many years and would highly recommend her to all seeking relief from any type of ailment. I have had many treatments that have helped me with constant sinus problems, severe sciatica and neck problems. Kimberly is very knowledgeable and a real professional! Hope to see her very soon. 🙂

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