Kimberly Kluthe R.Ac., D.Ac., Doula & Fertility Acupuncture Specialist

Kimberly has been a Registered Acupuncturist since 2002.  She has had a general practice for over 10 years specializing in Fertility, Pregnancy and Women’s Health.

Kimberly has a unique advantage when it comes to helping couples with fertility issues and miscarriage as she herself has been through the process with her husband.  So being a patient and a practitioner she comes to the table with first hand knowledge of what her patients are facing.

She has been apart of many births as a Doula she is also able to counsel pregnant mom’s about what to expect, what their options are and give expectant partners some idea of what to expect from the birthing mom.

Kimberly used to have a large practice seeing an average of 20 patients a day which made for a very busy clinic and life.  She has over the past 5 years scaled back concentrating on building a life with her husband Darren, not just a practice.  She now has time to focus on a fewer patients, increasing the level of care and commitment while she also pursues other business ventures with her husband.



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