Business Consulting

One-on-One Consulting for Practitioners

One-on-one consulting sessions are for practitioners of any discipline who feel as though they’ve lost their original intent or passion in the midst of the daily grind. These sessions will help you do more of what you love and less of what you don’t without sacrificing revenue.

Packages Available

Initial Business Consultation (Free)

During the Initial Consultation, we will identify a key area in your practice that you are looking to improve and we will come up with a plan to move you forward in that area. This initial step with give you an idea of how you would continue to work with Kimberly to enhance your practice to achieve your goals in your own unique way.

Includes 3 Personalized Intensive Sessions
6 Personalized Sessions where we focus on helping Individuals create a year’s worth of progress in 12 Weeks.
24 Personalized Sessions where we begin working with you on an ongoing basis to improve every area of your business to create the life you really want to live.

Who can benefit from business consulting?

No matter what your modality or discipline happens to be, I am here to make sure you work on your business, rather than in it. If you’ve been feeling stuck or spread too thin physically and financially, coaching can help.

We work through small, actionable steps together, which eventually gain momentum and help you reach your bigger goals. Any practice can and will benefit from a little creative guidance.

What can I expect?

We will start off by asking you some tough questions about your business or practice, about your current state of mind, about your future goals. Then we will work through various tools and exercises to uncover and explore your own answers to these important questions.

Throughout our sessions, we will hold you accountable for your goals and milestones. Remember, accomplishing even the smallest goal helps you along your way to succeeding at the big ones.

The only thing expected of you is to show up for yourself.

How do I sign up?

Click here to schedule your FREE consultation so we can get started right away!

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